Chrisdog’s 3000000 Views Party!

2 03 2009

We’ve finally done it! We’ve reached 3,000,000 views! To celebrate this achievement, I’ll be throwing a party on Club Penguin. Check out the party banner below for more details about my party on Club Penguin.


Here’s our Club Penguin cheats party in words.

Come celebrate with Chrisdog93 at his 3,000,000 views party.

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where: In the server Sleet at Chrisdog93’s Igloo.

Why: Reached 3,000,000 million views!

Time: 10:00 AM (Penguin Standard Time), 1:00 PM EST.

I’ll be on my penguin Chrisdog93, and will film the party! I’ll have a tracker with my location at the party. Check out Chrisdog93’s Twitter for news, and sneak peeks of his igloo! Let me know if you can come to the party.

All credit goes to Chrisdog93 .

See you there! and Monkey7441 might be there also.


Chrisdog’s Puffle Party from Chrisdog93

16 02 2009

With all of the new updates with puffles on Club Penguin, I think we should celebrate with a party! For details, read the banner below.


Please come to my Club Penguin cheats party. During the party, I will have a tracker telling you where I am on Club Penguin. For further details on my Puffle party, click on the read the rest of this entry button below.
Here are the Club Penguin cheats party details in words:

Come celebrate with Chrisdog93 at his Club Penguin Puffle party.

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where: Sleet Server

Why: To Celebrate all of the Puffle updates

Time: 1:00 Pm (Penguin Standard Time), 3:00 Pm (Eastern Standard Time)

The party will start at Chrisdog93’s Puffle themed igloo.

I’ll be on my penguin Chrisdog93. Here’s my player card.


I’ll be adding penguins to my buddy list. Find out how to get added below.

How to get added to Chrisdog93’s buddy list:

I’ll be adding tons of penguins to my buddy list but there is a limited amount that I can add. If you want the best chance to get added do this.

1. Subscribed to Chrisdog93’s Club Penguin videos.

2. Bring a puffle to the party. This is optional but it will help.

3. Post a comment here saying you can come and have done the requirements.

I’ll be adding atleast 25 penguins, most likely even more! Please come to my Puffle party. During the party, I will have a tracker telling you where Chrisdog93 is on Club Penguin.

All credit goes to Chrisdog93

Chrisdog93’s Tip the Iceberg Party from Chrisdog93!

26 01 2009

All credit for this news goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the link to his website:

I’ve been asked tons of times about tipping the Iceberg. No one has proof you can tip it, so I think it’s time we find out once and for all.


If you come to the party, please wear a hard hat. Everyone in the room has to wear a hard hat for the best chance of tipping it. I will add only penguins who are wearing hard hats, so make sure to wear them! What do you think about tipping the Iceberg? Do you think it’s possible to tip, or is it just a rumor? Let me know what you think by posting a comment.

Chrisdog93’s Dance Party Review from Chrisdog93!

24 01 2009

All credit for this review goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the link to his website:


The Dance Party was very fun! Tons of penguins came and the server along with the rooms were full. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Here is the first picture of the party, right after I just opened my igloo. It filled so fast!


We then went to the Night Club. We played multi player Dance Contest too.


At the end of the party, we went to the Snow Forts. This part was pretty fun.


Thanks for all the penguins who came to the Dance Party. I will have another one soon.

Let me know what you think about the party. Tell me ideas for the next one too.

Planet Cazmo Party from Chewy!

22 01 2009

All Creidit for this party notice goes to Chewy. Here’s the link to his website:


Kingpin2 and friends will be having a Planet Cazmo party this Saturday! If you’d like to come, read below for the party details.

Party Details

When: January 24, 2009 (Saturday)


12:00 PM Penguin time
3:00 PM Eastern time
2:00 PM Central time
1:00 PM Mountain time
12:00 PM Pacific time
11:00 PM for Alaska
9:00 PM for Hawaii

Where: Beatstreet Server

Room: Playground

1. Open up the map and click the globe.

2. The playground is located near the top of the globe.


I’ll be on my cazmo, Chewster!

If you don’t already have a cazmo, be sure to sign up here: Here is how to register!

  1. Go to the link above
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Join Now
  4. Fill out the rest of the questions and then activate your account.

Learn more about Planet Cazmo by visiting their website:

Dance Party from Chrisdog93!

21 01 2009

All credit for this post goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the link to his website:

I’ve had a few party requests lately, and have a great idea for a new one. A lot of non member penguins are a little bummed they can’t have fun at the Dance Party. Well, I’ve decided to host my own dance party on Club Penguin for everyone! My igloo will be decorated like the Night Club and penguins will dance like never before! Check out the party banner below.


Everyone can come to this party! It’s is going to be a blast! Post a comment saying if you will be able to come.