Penguin Style Febuary 2009 Cheats from Wweadam!

7 02 2009

Here are all the secrets to the new, simple, clothing catalog. You may be suprised by these!

ADD: Press the “S” in “T-shirts” on page 8 for the spikester.


On page 9, press the “E” in “Penguins At Work” for the spikette.


The blue dot at the end of page 11 has the fruit headress.


Click the flowers on the flower pot on page 14 for the red viking helmet. Exit that window and click the flowers 4 more times for the blue viking helmet!


ADD: Press the beak on the penguin with a green turtle neck on page 14.


The carrot nose on the snowman on the first page of clearance contains the yellow scarf.


UPDATE: On the 4th page of clearance click the second “A” for a pink pom-pom toque.


Click the “L” in “CLEARANCE” on the last page for a red hoodie.


Did you like this catalog? Anything you were hoping for that came back?

All credit goes to  Wweadam .


Penguin Style Cheats Febuary 2009 from Chewy

6 02 2009

On page 14, click the flower pot for the viking helmet. Exit the window and click the flower pot 4 times for the blue viking helmet.


Page 11, click the blue dot for the fruit headress.


Page 9, click the E on the penguin’s at work for the spikette.


on the 1st page of clearance click the snowman’s nose for the yellow scarf.


Click the A on the clearance for the pink pom poms.


These are the cheats for the club penguin style catalog. Rate Samy’s new outfit from 1 to 10


In other news: We reached 4 million views, so this means we will throw a party soon.

All credit goes to Chewy