My New Website!

12 01 2009

Hey guys i just made a new wordpress web site with my friend.

You guys may know me as ClubPenguinEPF27, clubpenguin1127, and ridelikeme89 from youtube. those are all of my youtube user accounts. ClubPenguinEPF27 is my most popular account.

My nickname is Sparky1127. My friend, Monkey7441, and i run this website and we hope it is a big hit!

i actually use the monkey7441 account as you guys may have seen in my new year party.

Well starting in a couple of days, i will be posting up things for clubpenguin from other cheat websites such as Chewy, Wweadam, Chrisdog93. and of course i will be giving them credit. i am also trying get these websites more popular. i will be posting from many more websites to give them credit for their work and to make them more popular! Thanks to all the cheat websites!

untill then, laterr!