Member Party Extended and More from Chrisdog93!

19 01 2009

All credit for this wonderful news goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the link for his website:

The Dance party was supposed to end on Sunday, but it has been extended to Tuesday.

This is your chance to meet Cadence and receive her autographed background.


Here is a picture of my penguin Chrisdog93 with the autographed background.


If you need help finding Cadence view our DJ Cadence Tracker or our DJ Cadence Tracking Cheats.

I have found some new club penguin cheats for the dance game. Below are some of the best ones.

Secret Purple Puffle Cheat:

1. If you don’t have one, buy a purple puffle.
2. Walk with your puffle.
3. Go to the Night Club.
4. Play Dance Contest.

You will be dancing with your purple puffle and earning more coins.


Play Expert Difficulty in Single Player:

1. Go to the Night Club.
2. Play Dance Contest.
3. Play Single Player.
4. Pick your song.
5. Click on DJ Cadence.
6. Choose expert difficulty.


If you need some coins, view the Million Coins Cheat post. That’s it for the club penguin cheats!


DJ Cadence Tracker from Bike Boy93!

18 01 2009

All credit goes to Bike Boy93 for this wonderful tracker. Here’s the link to his website:

Yet another DJ Cadence Tracker, but according to me, its the most accurate compared to the other two i have below. be sure to check out the other two trackers i have below!



Hey everyone! I have made a Dj Cadence tracker that is about 95% correct. It will work most of the time! Keep refreshing the page to see if theres a update of the location of Cadence. If Cadence isn’t where the tracker says she is, check out my tips below!


Dj Cadence Tracker:

Dj Cadence: Online

Server: Vanilla

Room: Rooftop


Tips on how to find Dj Cadence:

  • First off, Dj Cadence will only be in the Night Club, Dance Lounge, and the Rooftop.
  • Dj Cadence LOVES to visit during peak hours, which is really late, or really early.
  • If you see TONS of penguins rushing into the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or Rooftop shes probably in one of those 3 rooms.
  • Dj Cadence also loves to visit extremely busy servers such as Frozen, Mammoth, Blizzard, and many other ones.
  • Try picking the servers with 4 or 5 bars (the populated) servers. You might be successful at finding Cadence.

Waddle On!

DJ Cadence Tracker Cheats from Chewy!

17 01 2009

all credit for this wonderful cheat goes to Chewy. Here’s the link for his website:

there is another DJ Cadence Tracker Cheats post two posts below.

The star of the dance-a-thon party, Cadence, is a special penguin owned by Club Penguin. Here are a few cheats to help you find Cadence:

Cadence is a pink penguin who wheres a purple wig and scarf with headphones.


Cadence can only be found in the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or on the roof.

Cadence is usually on at peek hours and tends to visit popular servers.

She’s appeared on many servers such as: Frozen, Matterhorn, and Shiver.

Cadence is always crowded by penguins. The quickest and easiest way to find her is to look on your buddy list that shows all of the penguins in the current room.

If you meet Cadence, you can receive a free autographed background from her. To do this, open up her playercard and click the button with the box on it.


To easily find Cadence, check out the DJ Cadence Tracker. The tracker is updated by a few penguins and Chewy everytime we find Cadence.

DJ Cadence Tracker from Chewy

17 01 2009

all credit for this wonderful tracker goes to Chewy. here’s the link for his website:

there is another tracker below from Chrisdog93. if this one doesnt work, refresh or go to the one two post below.

Cadence, the DJ and dance party host, will be visiting the Night Club throughout all of Club Penguin. I’m sure we all want to meet and find her, so use the tracker below:


DJ Cadence: Online

Server: Searching for Cadence

Room: Night Club

Last seen: Frost Bite Server

Comment if you find DJ Cadence and refresh the page frequently to see if DJ Cadence’s location has been updated.

DJ Cadence Tracker Cheats from Chrisdog93!

17 01 2009

all credit goes to Chrisdog93 for this wonderful cheat. here’s the link to his website:

The Dance A Thon on Club Penguin party is here along with DJ Cadence.

DJ Cadence is a pink penguin with a purple scarf and headphones. She is owned by Club Penguin.


Below are the best club penguin cheats to find DJ Cadence:

1. Check the DJ Cadence Tracker for updates on her location.
2. She can be found only in the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or Rooftop.
3. Check the more popular servers during peak hours of the day.
4. Look for crowds of penguins dancing around her.
5. Read the comments on this post. Comment with your updates.

Bonus Tip: Check the users in room list for the user name Cadence.


Once you find DJ Cadence, click on her player card. Click the button with the box.

You will receive a free autograph from DJ Cadence.


For more information view the DJ Cadence Tracker

DJ Cadence Tracker from Chrisdog93

17 01 2009

All credit goes to Chrisdog93 for this wonderful tracker. here’s the link to his website:

Update: For an updated club penguin cheats guide on how to find DJ Cadence view the DJ Cadence Tracker Cheats.

DJ Cadence, the host of the Dance A Thon is visiting Club Penguin. Use the tracker below to help find DJ Cadence.


DJ Cadence: Online

Server: Tracking

Room: Night Club Roof

Last Seen In: Sleet

If you need help finding DJ Cadence, use the tips below.

1. DJ Cadence is a pink penguin who wears a purple wig, scarf, and a headphones.

2. She can be found only in the Night Club on Club Penguin.

3. Refresh this post for updates on her location.

Comment this post if you find DJ Cadence. Refresh this page for an updated tracker with DJ Cadence’s location.

Coin Glitch from Chewy! UPDATE from me

17 01 2009

All credit goes to Chewy for this wonderful coin glitch. here’s the link to his website:

1. Login to Club Penguin and go onto a safe chat server.

2. Go to the Night Club and press tab until a yellow box appears around your igloo icon.


3. Walk over to the Dance Game and right before it asks you if you want to play the game, click enter and you should go to your igloo. (Note: The igloo icon must have a yellow box around it)

4. A message will come up in your igloo asking you if you’d like to dance. Click “yes”.


5. Complete at least one dance. The more dances you complete, the better.


6. After you complete a dance, continuously click X to earn coins.


7. After you are finished making coins, log out of Club Penguin to save them to your penguin.

Please note that I will not be responsible for any bans caused by this cheat. (Cheat at your own risk)


this nxt part is from me. i found out a way to improve this cheat.

UPDATE: Instead of pressing tab and all that, which might be a little hard, go play the dance contest game, but right before it asks you if you want to dance, CLICK on your igloo sign to go to your house. at your house the question “Do you want to dance” shoudh come up. click on it and play the dance contest game. i suggest you play single player because you get more coins. then at the end. keep on clicking on the X button several times and log off to save your coins.

this update is thanks to Honda632 from