Club Penguin Lies?

14 03 2009

I always thought Club Penguin was trustworthy and treated us kindly, until now. It has come to my acknowledge that Club Penguin fakes the Featured Igloos on the Club Penguin community page. They don’t really search for the best igloo on Club Penguin. They just simply design an igloo on there own and put up a fake penguin name. Bed Bug, this week’s featured penguin, doesn’t exist. It is a made up name and no one can get it. See for yourself:

1. Visit Club Penguin’s Community page. Click on the Featured Igloo beside the penguin clock and look at the featured penguin’s name.

bed bug « Club Penguin Cheats

2. Try to create a penguin named Bed Bug. If you enter the penguin name Bed Bug, it should say, ” That penguin name is not allowed” when it should say that the penguin name is already taken.

illegal penguin name « Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin faked Bed Bug as being the penguin of the featured igloo this week. Bed Bug isn’t a real penguin and he didn’t design the igloo that is featured. This is the first time I’ve noticed this — so there’s no telling if they’ve done it before. After seeing Club Penguin faking featured igloos, I wonder what else they have faked or lied about. Do they ban penguins for no reason? Do they give inappropriate bans to penguins? Do they even care about us or for the money? Let me know what you think! Be sure to tell me if you’ve noticed anything fishy.

All credit goes to Chewy




One response

3 04 2009

That’s just wrong if i ran club penguin i would choose a real penguin

Isn’t i weird that the is “only member parties” i’m starting to think it is true, they just like us for our money?

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