Chrisdog’s 3000000 Views Party!

2 03 2009

We’ve finally done it! We’ve reached 3,000,000 views! To celebrate this achievement, I’ll be throwing a party on Club Penguin. Check out the party banner below for more details about my party on Club Penguin.


Here’s our Club Penguin cheats party in words.

Come celebrate with Chrisdog93 at his 3,000,000 views party.

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where: In the server Sleet at Chrisdog93’s Igloo.

Why: Reached 3,000,000 million views!

Time: 10:00 AM (Penguin Standard Time), 1:00 PM EST.

I’ll be on my penguin Chrisdog93, and will film the party! I’ll have a tracker with my location at the party. Check out Chrisdog93’s Twitter for news, and sneak peeks of his igloo! Let me know if you can come to the party.

All credit goes to Chrisdog93 .

See you there! and Monkey7441 might be there also.




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