Chrisdog’s Puffle Party from Chrisdog93

16 02 2009

With all of the new updates with puffles on Club Penguin, I think we should celebrate with a party! For details, read the banner below.


Please come to my Club Penguin cheats party. During the party, I will have a tracker telling you where I am on Club Penguin. For further details on my Puffle party, click on the read the rest of this entry button below.
Here are the Club Penguin cheats party details in words:

Come celebrate with Chrisdog93 at his Club Penguin Puffle party.

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where: Sleet Server

Why: To Celebrate all of the Puffle updates

Time: 1:00 Pm (Penguin Standard Time), 3:00 Pm (Eastern Standard Time)

The party will start at Chrisdog93’s Puffle themed igloo.

I’ll be on my penguin Chrisdog93. Here’s my player card.


I’ll be adding penguins to my buddy list. Find out how to get added below.

How to get added to Chrisdog93’s buddy list:

I’ll be adding tons of penguins to my buddy list but there is a limited amount that I can add. If you want the best chance to get added do this.

1. Subscribed to Chrisdog93’s Club Penguin videos.

2. Bring a puffle to the party. This is optional but it will help.

3. Post a comment here saying you can come and have done the requirements.

I’ll be adding atleast 25 penguins, most likely even more! Please come to my Puffle party. During the party, I will have a tracker telling you where Chrisdog93 is on Club Penguin.

All credit goes to Chrisdog93



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