Team Club Penguin Cheats Moderators from Chrisdog93

25 01 2009

All credit for this post goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the llink to his website:


We are in need of some moderators at Team Club Penguin. Moderators keep the forum safe, and have a big responsibility.


To become a mod, you must follow the rules below.

1. Comment this blog everyday, with appropriate comments.
2. Use good grammar, and don’t spam or advertise.
3. Post and reply at Team Club Penguin.
4. Be nice to other penguins.
5. You can become a mod by following the rules for non mods.

Rules for Team Club Penguin Mods:

1. Moderate posts accordingly. (Fix spam, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in comments).
2. Move infringements to the Basket.
3. Mods who stop moderating, or break rules, will be removed as mods.

Team Club Penguin Moderators will be monitored daily. If they make mistakes, they will possibly be removed.

If you want to be a Team Club Penguin Moderator, make sure to follow the guideline above.



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