Elite Penguin Force International from Chrisdog93 UPDATE from Monkey7441

25 01 2009

Credit for the news goes to Chrisdog93. Here’s the link to his website: http://clubpenguincp.com/

Credit for the update goes to Monkey7441

Many penguins have been asking about getting Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force in other countries. I’ve got a great update that I wanted to tell you about.


The Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Game is already available in English for some Latin American countries, and it’ll be on the shelves in the United Kingdom and Australia this spring. If you have Elite Penguin Force and need some help, check out my Elite Penguin Force Cheats. Let me know what you think about Elite Penguin Force.


UPDATE: if you want video guides of the DS game, then go to my (Monkey7441) youtube channel! Here’s the link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ClubPenguinEPF27

FYI: ALMOST ALL OF MY VIDEOS ARE 5 STAR RATED thanks to all the people that have watched them!



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