Planet Cazmo Party from Chewy!

22 01 2009

All Creidit for this party notice goes to Chewy. Here’s the link to his website:


Kingpin2 and friends will be having a Planet Cazmo party this Saturday! If you’d like to come, read below for the party details.

Party Details

When: January 24, 2009 (Saturday)


12:00 PM Penguin time
3:00 PM Eastern time
2:00 PM Central time
1:00 PM Mountain time
12:00 PM Pacific time
11:00 PM for Alaska
9:00 PM for Hawaii

Where: Beatstreet Server

Room: Playground

1. Open up the map and click the globe.

2. The playground is located near the top of the globe.


I’ll be on my cazmo, Chewster!

If you don’t already have a cazmo, be sure to sign up here: Here is how to register!

  1. Go to the link above
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Join Now
  4. Fill out the rest of the questions and then activate your account.

Learn more about Planet Cazmo by visiting their website:



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