DJ Cadence Tracker from Bike Boy93!

18 01 2009

All credit goes to Bike Boy93 for this wonderful tracker. Here’s the link to his website:

Yet another DJ Cadence Tracker, but according to me, its the most accurate compared to the other two i have below. be sure to check out the other two trackers i have below!



Hey everyone! I have made a Dj Cadence tracker that is about 95% correct. It will work most of the time! Keep refreshing the page to see if theres a update of the location of Cadence. If Cadence isn’t where the tracker says she is, check out my tips below!


Dj Cadence Tracker:

Dj Cadence: Online

Server: Vanilla

Room: Rooftop


Tips on how to find Dj Cadence:

  • First off, Dj Cadence will only be in the Night Club, Dance Lounge, and the Rooftop.
  • Dj Cadence LOVES to visit during peak hours, which is really late, or really early.
  • If you see TONS of penguins rushing into the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or Rooftop shes probably in one of those 3 rooms.
  • Dj Cadence also loves to visit extremely busy servers such as Frozen, Mammoth, Blizzard, and many other ones.
  • Try picking the servers with 4 or 5 bars (the populated) servers. You might be successful at finding Cadence.

Waddle On!



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