DJ Cadence Tracker from Chrisdog93

17 01 2009

All credit goes to Chrisdog93 for this wonderful tracker. here’s the link to his website:

Update: For an updated club penguin cheats guide on how to find DJ Cadence view the DJ Cadence Tracker Cheats.

DJ Cadence, the host of the Dance A Thon is visiting Club Penguin. Use the tracker below to help find DJ Cadence.


DJ Cadence: Online

Server: Tracking

Room: Night Club Roof

Last Seen In: Sleet

If you need help finding DJ Cadence, use the tips below.

1. DJ Cadence is a pink penguin who wears a purple wig, scarf, and a headphones.

2. She can be found only in the Night Club on Club Penguin.

3. Refresh this post for updates on her location.

Comment this post if you find DJ Cadence. Refresh this page for an updated tracker with DJ Cadence’s location.



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