Club Penguin St. Patricks Party!

14 03 2009

The Saint Patrick’s day party has started on Club Penguin and it’s a great one! Firstly, the shamrock hat at the Coffee shop.


There’s a members only room! Go into the room at the forest.


If you’re a member, pickup an accordian inside the room.


The lucky coin pin can be found at the Ski Mountain.


Lastly, the stage is under construction! Check out the plaza.


The inside’s completely empty! The Penguin awards are coming!


Overall, I think this party rocks! What do you think? Let me know!

All credit goes to Chrisdog93


Club Penguin Cheats

14 03 2009

Do you have a favorite Club Penguin Cheat? Do you know any Club Penguin Cheats that I don’t already know? Club Penguin Cheats are glitches in the game that allow you to have an advantage over other penguins.

club penguin cheats « Club Penguin Cheats

Leave a comment with one of your favorite Club Penguin Cheats. In your comment include:

1. A name for your cheat

2. Steps to do the cheat.

3. And why you like the cheat.

I will take any of the cheats I find useful and put them on the Club Penguin Cheats page. Leave me some cheats!

All credit goes to Chewy

Club Penguin Lies?

14 03 2009

I always thought Club Penguin was trustworthy and treated us kindly, until now. It has come to my acknowledge that Club Penguin fakes the Featured Igloos on the Club Penguin community page. They don’t really search for the best igloo on Club Penguin. They just simply design an igloo on there own and put up a fake penguin name. Bed Bug, this week’s featured penguin, doesn’t exist. It is a made up name and no one can get it. See for yourself:

1. Visit Club Penguin’s Community page. Click on the Featured Igloo beside the penguin clock and look at the featured penguin’s name.

bed bug « Club Penguin Cheats

2. Try to create a penguin named Bed Bug. If you enter the penguin name Bed Bug, it should say, ” That penguin name is not allowed” when it should say that the penguin name is already taken.

illegal penguin name « Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin faked Bed Bug as being the penguin of the featured igloo this week. Bed Bug isn’t a real penguin and he didn’t design the igloo that is featured. This is the first time I’ve noticed this — so there’s no telling if they’ve done it before. After seeing Club Penguin faking featured igloos, I wonder what else they have faked or lied about. Do they ban penguins for no reason? Do they give inappropriate bans to penguins? Do they even care about us or for the money? Let me know what you think! Be sure to tell me if you’ve noticed anything fishy.

All credit goes to Chewy

Penguin Style Catalog Cheats March 2009

5 03 2009

Club Penguin has released the new Penguin Style catalog, and it’s mainly about dressing for the upcoming Penguin Awards. Here’s the cover.


On page 1, click on the gold in the background for the pot o’ gold.


On page 2, click on the word “more” for the boa.


On page 4, click on the light square for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times, for the blue viking helmet.


On page 6, click on the “FE” in coffee for the spikester.


On page 9, click on the purple dance floor square for the spikette.


On page 11, click on the letter “R” in clearance, for the fruit headress.


I’m glad they brought the pearls back! What do you think? Which items were you hoping came back? Did they come back? Let me know!

All credit goes to Chrisdog93

St. Patrick Party Preperations in Club Penguin

5 03 2009

There’s some new stuff around Club Penguin for preparation of Saint Patrick’s Day. There’s some green paint a tree stump at the forest. If you click on the window, the door and lights will turn on.


The ski village’s has green paint buckets and a box.


The cove also has green paint buckets and a box.


The party looks like it’s going to be fun! What do you think?

All credit goes to Chrisdog93

White Puffles!

5 03 2009

Club Penguin has finally released the white puffle! It’s only for members of Club Penguin. There’s a new adopt a puffle catalog at the pet shop.


The white puffles are on the 6th page. Check them out!


If you dance while walking a while puffle, a cloud appear over it.


Also, check out it’s special ice skating dance on Club Penguin. What do you think of the white puffles? They should let non members get them!

All credit goes to Chrisdog93

Hidden Items on the Migrator

5 03 2009

Screenhog has made a puzzle about finding hidden items on the Migrator. It’s kinda like that game iSpy. Use the pictures below to find items.


The artists hid a lot of stuff on Rockhopper’s ship when they built it. Think that you can find them all? Explore the Migrator and try to find all of these things:

– A crown
– 7 treasure chests
– 3 puffle toys (one for the black puffle, one for the purple puffle, one for the blue puffle)
– The camera that was given to Rockhopper by Aunt Arctic
– 9 barrels
– A set of golf clubs
– 2 flags that can wave in the breeze
– 2 green buckets
– Yarr’s bed
– A feather
– A mop
– Bambadee’s friendship bracelet (read “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room if you don’t know what this is)
– Two purple octopus

In other news, tomorrow the white puffle will be up for adoption, and a new penguin style catalog comes out! I’ll be posting right away, so stay tuned!

All credit goes to Chrisdog93